Connect With Me

Hello there! I’m Amine.
I’m a freelance 3d artist based in Algeria. I’m excited about developing brands in the digital, social space. I create better images of products, faster. Without a crew, location, and expensive cameras. I love to provide my clients with distinct and technically outstanding visual solutions, making sleek, clean, and bold images.

CGI Designer & AD Freelance

Every project i commit on is carefully designed and created. I feel specially attracted by projects that imply a multidisciplinary creative solution: Realistic photography or CGI. Digital or tactile. Or both.

During the process, every stage is carefully fulfilled and I love to share all the steps with clients. Sketching is specially determining for what’s to come and how I am all going to achieve it, being essential to get smoothly into production.


Cinema 4D with Octnae (2 years experience)
Advanced written English
A well-organized and creative thinker
Animation and tactile skills


Brand / Graphic Design (3 Years)
Illustration (3 Years)
Package Design (3 Years)
CGI Design (2 Years)